San Remo in bloom (1980-today)

San Remo in Bloom (Sanremo in Fiore) is the name recently given to the event, when from 1980 the Department of Tourism decided to relaunch the Flower Parade of San Remo.

sanremo in fiore carnival of sanremo San Remo in voller Blüte Parade Florale

From 1966 to 1979 the Flower Parade of San Remo was forgotten, until 1980 when the Travel and Tourism Board decided to reclaim the organization of the event.

Then it was thanks to the Italian television that this event became one of the most popular event celebrated in Italy.
The Flower Parade San Remo in Bloom in facts gets broadcasted by the Italian program Linea Verde on channel RAI UNO, that every Sunday morning brings in the homes of the Italians the excellence of the Italian agriculture. The Flower Parade  represents traditionally one of the annual peaks of audience of the program, with an average of 3,5 millions of viewers, confirming that San Remo is the most beloved city by the Italian Tv audience.

The event found its perfect placing the last sunday of January, date that it has preserved until 2010, having in thirty years an enviabile continutiy thanks to the mild climate of San Remo. During this period, there was just one suspension in 1985 due to an exceptional snowfall, which remains a rarity in the picture-postcards of San Remo. Generally this event has always brought in the homes of the Italians a glance of early Spring with the colors of the San Remo flowers,

It still belongs to the Flower Parade San Remo in Bloom the record of audience of Sunday morning  ever registered by the Italian television: 4,9 millions of viewers with a 29% share for the edition of  January 28, 2007,  when the event was organized on the seafront Italo Calvino, on a beautiful sunny day with a temperature of  18°C, while the rest of Italy was exceptionally under the snow.

Until 2010 the event was traditionally held the last weekend of January, while  the following year the Commune decided to celebrate it in March.