Tickets for the Flower Parade San Remo in Bloom

How to buy the tickets for the Flower Parade San Remo in Bloom 2024 (Sanremo in Fiore 2024) which will take place along the seafront of San Remo.

corso fiorito sfilata carri acquista biglietti carnevale di sanremo

Want to enjoy the long spectacle of the Flower Parade along the Corso Fiorito of Sanremo, from the comfort of your seat?

In the coming weeks, we will update you on how to purchase tickets for the Corso Fiorito seats as defined by the Municipality of Sanremo.

Access to the parade

The access to the parade is free and opened to all.


Seats are on payment.


Infopoint Sanremo
Palafiori, Corso Garibaldi
Tel. +39 0184 580 500

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 9.30-13.00
Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat  15.00-18.30