Technology of the flower floats of San Remo

A look at the technology behind the flower floats of San Remo: the charm and the elegance of the flower floats of the Flower Parade San Remo in Bloom are the result of months of planning, construction and a night passed decorating the floats with flowers.

The preparation phase of the Flower Parade San Remo in Bloom begins when the commune of San Remo, that organizes the event through the Department of Tourism, announces the theme of the next edition. Every year in fact the allergorical floats are inspired by a striking common theme as were the Italian comics, the conquest of space, female opera singers and so on.

Sometimes common themes give freedom of expression to float designers while other times themes are designed by an animated draw  which assigns a single theme to the commune participating.

This is the pecularity of the Flower Parade of San Remo: every float is created and it represents a Commune or an area of the Flower Riviera, where the tradition of the floriculture is strongley rooted.

Once the theme gets assigned, the designers start working on the float: Every year represents a new challenge in terms of technical skills and creativity, as it has to deal with the fact that it’s a  very important media event broadcasted on channel RaiUno and with the limits of the town calculating the dimensions of the bus station where the floats get set up and the height of the trolley lines that cross the center of San Remo.

Unlike the nearby Ventimiglia, that has an extraordinary tradition in the creation of allergorical floats with the mosaic technique, the floats of San Remo are a mix of allergorical characters and a wonderful assortment of flower arrangements. The skill of the float designer that first designs a sketch on paper and sometimes creates a model, is the ability to balance these two elements.

The next phase is the construction of the allergorical characters through the sculpture of blocks of polystrene which cannot be faithful to the sketch because it has to leave space for the increase of volume during the decoration of the float with flowers which is the most striking  part of the creation of the float. This is done in the afternoon and the night before the parade. Every flower gets anchored to the figure in polystrene with a nail and flower after flower, with great patience, the experts cover  most of the  allergorical character.

The final touch is given by the floral arrangements that are placed on the floats and that make the Flower Parade of San Remo a unique parade worldwide famous for the richness of colors and quality of flowers used. For the creation of a flower float 20.000-50.000 flowers are used that transform the flower Parade in an explosion of colors and fragrants.

The grandeur and the beauty of the San Remo flowers lay in their ephemeral existence , therefore the Flower Parade lasts just one day.
Another good reason to plan a trip to San Remo.